About Melissa’s Holistic Skin Care

I have been a holistic esthetician for 15 years and I believe that healthy skin is achieved not only through the healing properties of clean, whole plant ingredients but also through balancing your body, mind and spirit.

The goal is not perfection, but being in harmony with your skin’s natural process, bringing forward your natural beauty and helping your skin return to a healthy, balanced state. Real beauty comes from a place of loving yourself fully and feeling great in your own skin. This is why I love to combine skin care with energy work, creating radiance from the inside out.

Skin is a living organism and is nourished and regenerated by whole plant ingredients that utilize nature’s intelligence to heal and balance. I believe in using only simple, pure and highly energetic products in my skin treatments, which will bring life and vitality back to your skin. This is not just a facial but a holistic treatment that will truly make your skin and spirit glow!

Mellissa Setum

Facial & Skincare Services

Skin Harmonizing Facial

This nourishing treatment is designed to bring your skin back to a healthy, balanced state. Customized to address any areas that need love and attention, using only pure, organic plant ingredients that harness the healing power of nature.

I begin with a purifying cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a rejuvenating mask and relaxing hand massage. You will then drift into another world with a calming shoulder massage and pressure point treatment that stimulates energy flow and detoxification. Next, revitalizing plant oils are massaged into the face with cooling rose quartz crystals. Your facial will end with hydrating floral water, healing treatment serum and moisture that will last for days.

This treatment will leave you feeling deeply nourished, balanced and with a peaceful spirit.

60 minutes… $90

Radiance Energy Facial

This special treatment includes everything in the Skin Harmonizing Facial with the addition of energy work and a grounding foot treatment to balance the body, head to toe. Our skin is a powerful indicator of what is going on beneath the surface both physically and emotionally. Energy work promotes the body’s own healing process therefore bringing out your true health and radiance. This special treatment helps bring harmony to the whole system to make your skin and spirit glow!

90 min… $115

Refresh Mini Facial

This treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask and moisture (does not include massage). Perfect for teen facial or a quick refresh between facials.

45 minutes… $65

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